A mothers journey

Briahnna, 21, mother, fiancé.

First time making octopus hotdogs :) they weren’t burn like it looks like in the photo. They were amazing :) just cut and boil! Liam and Colby both loved them!

Liam got his photos taken for Easter :) not sure if I’m a fan of this one but ill get the rest on Tuesday! 

My fiancé let me sleep in today :) He come to wake me up and calls me Bree well now Liam calls me Bree :P he’s starting to full on talk now and I’m so proud. Yesterday he said “all done” and now he’s saying it more :) he’s so smart!!

One long day!

I had four hours of sleep last night. Woke up an hour early to babysit two children, 3 and 6. I wanted to rip my hair out. All of the chewing with their mouth open and picking the loudest toys and it was only 8am. Woke up my child and it was like a natural disaster in my home. Around 11 I decided to wake up my fiancé to help me and he let me take a nap and even cleaned the kitchen for me! :) it made my day a whole lot better. They were picked up by 3:30 and Liam is taking a nap. He’s getting picked up by his father at 6 for the weekend. I’m going to miss him :( but this mommy is in need of a break. I’m so overwhelmed lately.


Well this looks fun! I remember my mother singing into my feet like they were microphones :) not sure which came first but I also remember chasing my dad in my pink Barbie convertible. The earliest parts of my childhood that I remember were amazing.

They have a lot of fun new clothes at target and getting some more in very soon for the summer :) I couldn’t help myself when I saw this! It might look big and odd on the hanger but fits perfectly! I highly recommend checking out their new toddler clothes! They also got new B toys in!

I buy most of Liam’s clothes at old navy :) best store I’ve shopped at for toddler clothes so far!

Big lots kitchen set :) Liam loves to play with this! Dolls and kitchen sets are actually great for a developing mind. Helps with their imagination and skills for later in life. Being the childish a boy or girl it’s great to have toys like that around the house!